Sales Process

Every lead is important for us, be it coming from a small corporate or a big industry name.


  1. Lead Management
    Every lead is important for us, be it coming from a small corporate or a big industry name. Our lead managers try to collect as much as information from the prospective clients to be passed on to our Business Analysts. Don’t worry; our team will not bother you with calls at odd hours. We don’t commit a quote very next day, but yes we commit timelines for the quote. Our team gets involved in brainstorming for the solutions and then the quote. Our quote will always be with ballpark time and cost involved, we believe in giving as much as information for you to take decisions and move fast.So what are you waiting for, have a business idea? Click here for quote.
  2. Requirement Analysis
    The Request for Quote (RFQ) documents from our sales team are studied and analyzed by our Business Analysis team. We believe that the client always comes with the CLOUD of thoughts and idea; it’s our job to make it rain into business logic and processes to follow. Our Business Analysis Team is ever ready to visit your location for onsite process audit, to better understand your current business practices, suggest what difference our application will make in process followed by each stakeholder. The business requirements are presented to all stakeholders for the clarity and approval is asked for the next step.
  3. Estimates
    This is where our technical team gets involved in the process, the business requirements are translated into modules and smaller tasks. We use three point estimating technique to get to the most accurate estimates for cost and time. The estimates cover pre and post development activities also, including documentation and training if required. If you are happy with our quote then we move to the next stage.
  4. Contracts
    Depending on the scope of work, budget and time our team will suggest the kind of contract, which will be beneficial for all parties. We prefer to work under following contracts:
  1. Fixed Cost – If the scope is absolutely clear and defined then we recommend Fixed Cost Contract.
  2. Time and Material – If you feel your work isn’t that big and you want us to bill you for the hours consumed by our team, then we are that flexible.
  3. Full Time Resources – If you know your work well and have project managers to work with us then we can give you our full time resources based on your requirements on a monthly billing model.