Software Testing

What we offer

Confusion and Doubts

  • My website is so slow!
  • Will my software Scaleup?
  • We are breaking more and fixing less in our software.
  • Change is fearful for us for legacy reasons.
  • We don’t have ROI on our testing efforts.
  • Our testing time is very long and delaying our releases.


Manual Testing

  • Nothing is more ingenious than a human brain, hence for the first round of testing for a fresh software its best if we do intensive manual testing to find out all software issues related to UI, UX, performance and functionality.
  • We share real time progress with TestLink, so that you can measure and predict the testing.


Performance Testing

  • Analyse your software correctly and figure out if it can handle peak loads and where the bottlenecks of the system are. Our favorite tool here is JMeter which is highly flexible and open source.
  • For front end testing we help you use the browser developer tools to pin point and fix the right defects.


Functional Test Automation

  • People are erroneous with repetitive tasks and computers are highly efficient. We are experts with Selenium tests using which we can quickly test and ensure that no existing functionality is broken when we are progressing ahead on the software roadmap.
  • Selenium tests can be wired with deployments, so that as soon as deployment is done, tests are executed and results emailed to stakeholders.