Software Testing

Cost of Quality

At Leadingdots we work with our partners to understand the software and how we can provide the ROI on the software testing, Bad quality software leads to high costs in terms of rework, business loss, customer confidence amongst other things. We strive to save costs with good quality. If you are struggling with quality costs and want us to optimise, reach out to us.

Software Testing as a Service

We work in close coordination with the developers and product teams to test the project. Our engineers  provide specialist testing that is agile. All issues are filed in detail and discussed with the developers and product owners.


Manual Testing

One resource will work closely with the software team and test all user stories and report defects.

  • Functional Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • UI Testing
  • API Testing
  • Writing Test Cases


Automation Testing

One resource will understand the functional flows and create test automated script for regression tests.

  • API Tests
  • Functional Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Test Reports/Email


Performance Testing

One resource will test the server and UI performance and create load testing scripts

  • Server Load Test Scripts
  • Performance Test Reports
  • Front End Performance
  • API Performance Testing

Software Testing – On Demand

If you are to go live with your software, we can test it out thoroughly on all aspects to ensure that we don’t have surprises on production.


Website Testing

We test your website for a month and share defect reports

  • Functional Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • UI Testing
  • SEO Testing


Android/iOS Mobile App Testing

We test the mobile app for a month and share the Test Report.

  • Testing on Android Device
  • Testing on iOS Device
  • Test Reports/Videos
  • Functional Testing


API Testing

We Test the API’s for a month and report all defects

  • API Validation
  • API Errors
  • Boundary Testing
  • Best Practises Adherence

What We Do!

Manual Testing

We test all the user stories to make sure the objectives are fulfilled. The software works as desired and delights the users. Generally, this will be done when software is in nascent stages and active development. There is no alternative to manual testing as it’s unpredictable like human behavior nuances, and helps to bring out real world problems.

Automated Testing

Test automation can help you make frequent releases without worrying about breaking your existing flows. In our past we have helped companies cut down regression cycles from weeks to hrs. We use open source software to quickly automate the flows that matter the most. Automated failure alerts and reports help to be on the pulse of development.

Performance Testing

It’s a well known fact that a few milliseconds of delay in page load can affect the customer conversion and business revenues. Poor performance

Server Performance

We use automated scripts to emulate the production loads and record the performance. It helps us be ready before large promotions or marketing campaigns. Jmeter is an open source tool of choice for us with which we have experience of testing very high traffic websites and apps.

Front end performance

Performance needs to be measured for at the browser/app/UI level as well. Today’s technologies  allow you to give an excellent performance experience by smartly tooling the front end. We test the software and help identify problems areas and solutions.

API Testing

Microservices architecture helps to build a large , scalable and manageable software. API testing has become very important to ensure root cause of issues are identified fast and developers can fix issues quickly. We have API’s which follow industry standards and good error handling so that it does not require frequent changes with UI/App changes. We use postman for API testing. We can also do load testing for API’s with tools like Jmeter. Test automation can be done with java-selenium.

Mobile App Testing

Around 80% of global internet traffic is now generated from the mobile. We help you to test the app for performance, security, functionality, crashes and reliability.

SEO testing

You have a great website/app but fail to attract users, or struggling with the ranking on search engines. We test your website thoroughly and find out reasons for the same.